IonQ Aria Now Available on Amazon Braket

IonQ is a company focused on using quantum computing to deliver business value to our customers. That mission drives us to relentlessly improve the computational power of our already world-class technology. Our algorithmic qubit (#AQ) measurement sets the standard for measuring industry computing power. We continue to hit aggressive technological roadmap targets and offer a range of quantum computers to meet the needs of our growing list of customers.

Today, we are excited to announce that IonQ Aria–one of the world’s most powerful commercially available quantum computers with a demonstrated #AQ of 25–is available worldwide on Amazon Braket, Amazon Web Services’s (AWS) quantum computing service. Providing Amazon Braket users access to Aria is a huge milestone for IonQ, and we’re thrilled to give a passionate community of enterprise, research, and individual users new tools to explore quantum computing.

Why IonQ Aria?

IonQ Aria gives Amazon Braket users access to one of the world’s best quantum computers. It uses IonQ’s trapped ion technology to deliver technical specifications with critical advantages over the competition:

High gate fidelities: IonQ’s trapped ion technology uses naturally occurring quantum systems to create highly steady qubits. IonQ Aria has a specified fidelity of 99.4%, one of the highest commercial fidelities available. 

All-to-all connectivity: Any pair of qubits can be used to perform gate operations in IonQ Aria. This all-to-all connectivity reduces the swap gates needed to execute the entanglement required in a circuit which can lead to deeper circuits being run with measurable results.

Long coherence times: Once we trap atoms, we can prepare them in any quantum state and they remain in that state indefinitely as long as the qubits are adequately isolated from the environment. The longer these ‘coherence’ times, the deeper the circuits that can be run with measurable results. IonQ Aria offers coherence times between 10 and 100 seconds–one of the longest in the industry.

Error mitigation: The ‘debiasing’ technique pioneered by IonQ aggregates (averages) the results from different implementations of the same circuit to reduce systemic errors and increase result accuracy. Research has shown this technique can improve the performance of multiple practical algorithms by 100x with no qubit or gate overhead.

Sharpening: Like error mitigation, sharpening aggregates the results of multiple variants of the same circuits. It then ‘clips’ the results by removing outliers, fairing the most likely measurement outcome across them.

Choose the quantum computer that is right for you

IonQ Aria joins IonQ Harmony as the second IonQ system available to Amazon Braket customers. IonQ's growing product portfolio on Amazon Braket offers choices in both performance and cost, enabling systems tailored to a wider range of use cases. The presence of both systems gives users the freedom to choose which system is the best fit for their specific needs and use cases.

Current IonQ customers who prefer accessing Aria directly via the IonQ Quantum Cloud will continue to be able to do so. Availability of Aria on both Amazon Braket and through IonQ's direct cloud helps deliver on our goal of offering flexibility to end users.

The growing demand for high-quality quantum computers led us to announce a planned $1 billion investment in quantum computing manufacturing and technologies in the Pacific Northwest. We will be opening a 65,000-square-foot quantum computing manufacturing facility to manufacture our ion-trap quantum computers just outside Seattle in Bothell, Washington. 

To learn more about what IonQ Aria is capable of and a breakdown of its performance, capabilities, and applications, check out the IonQ Aria detail page, or our technical blog post about its record-breaking performance.

To get started with IonQ’s trapped ion quantum computers, create an account.