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IonQ Works with Dell Technologies to Deliver Hybrid Classical-Quantum Platform

Quantum computing has the potential to disrupt the future of nearly every industry. IonQ is working with Dell Technologies to accelerate innovation and deliver cutting edge business use cases using hybrid classical-quantum computing systems.

With this new forward thinking collaboration, companies can deploy hybrid quantum solutions that take advantage of accelerated computation otherwise not available to them via on-prem classical infrastructure. They will have access to IonQ Aria, an industry leading #AQ 25 quantum computer that uses naturally occurring, perfectly quantum ion qubits. Aria’s technological advancements have allowed it to lead the way in research and development across a wide spectrum of industries including finance, automotive, aerospace, chemistry, and more.

Under the partnership, IonQ’s simulation engine and Aria’s quantum processing units (QPU) will pair together with Dell’s PowerEdge servers with Qiskit Dell Runtime infrastructure. This setup will be used to leverage IonQ’s long coherence time, excellent gate fidelity, and scalability roadmap. Customers will also have access to IonQ’s newest hardware simulators, so they can optimize the performance of their prototypes for IonQ quantum hardware.

This classical-quantum solution will allow simulation workloads to be executed on-premises, while more resource-intensive quantum workloads will be executed with IonQ QPUs. At the same time, deployment is frictionless and operational complexity greatly reduced. The partnership will help businesses develop and improve their quantum computing pipelines, giving them the benefits of hybrid classical/quantum infrastructure to generate innovative business use cases.

By integrating quantum computing into existing computational infrastructure and application pipelines, the platform lowers the barriers to research and experimentation, empowering companies to experience quantum computing in a highly efficient way. This will open up the possibility for new, bespoke experimentation and evaluation of quantum systems and solutions.

IonQ and Dell Technologies will be able to lend their expertise to helping companies seamlessly enable their quantum R&D, help develop code, and ultimately experience how hybrid classical/quantum solutions can be applied to specific use cases in sectors like finance, automotive, aerospace, chemistry, and more.

All of this will allow companies to explore how quantum computing can create competitive advantage, helping them to significantly reduce risk.

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