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Bringing Quantum to the Market With Multiverse Computing

Last week, Multiverse Computing announced that IonQ will be a preferred quantum compute partner for Singularity SDK®, a toolkit for exploring quantum and quantum-inspired solutions to common analytical problems in the financial industry.

The Singularity SDK® is special in that it not only offers a suite of advanced solutions, but also that it offers them via a toolkit that integrates into the places that financial analysts already spend most of their time, in a way that allows analysts to focus on analysis, not quantum programming. Whether they’re using a spreadsheet, a Python analysis suite, or other specialized hedge fund or bank software, they can utilize these tools without having to become quantum algorithms experts first.

Singularity will access IonQ’s quantum computing hardware via the IonQ Quantum Cloud, which allows users from anywhere in the world to access our leading quantum systems via direct API, partner cloud and open-source software integrations, and provides Multiverse with the high-uptime, high-quality hardware needed to power the Singularity platform. Their powerful toolkit will use IonQ hardware to run a variety of quantum simulations and analysis tools, fair price calculations, portfolio creation and optimization, ETF replication, risk valuation, and other techniques that can soon give financial professionals a new analytical edge.

Getting quantum computing out of the lab and into the hands of people working on hard, real-world problems has always been one of our major goals at IonQ. It’s why we make our hardware available through all of the major quantum toolkits and public clouds in the United States. We want to remove as many barriers as possible to the development and use of this world-changing technology. In the classical computing world, users don’t need to worry about the low-level “bits and bytes” of their computational engine. They can simply focus on what they want to accomplish with it, whether that’s working on financial modeling or watching cat videos. We are working to move quantum towards a similar future, and this partnership with Multiverse helps drive that goal forward.

This partnership was also spurred by IonQ and Multiverse’s shared excitement about the promise of quantum as a game-changer for finance — just this year, we’ve worked with financial firms to develop machine learning techniques that can learn from historical financial data to project possible outcomes, and worked with Goldman Sachs to successfully test the use of our quantum computers for Monte Carlo simulations, resulting in the publication of a joint scientific paper.

For Multiverse’s part, they are actively working on quantum and quantum-inspired solutions in many areas of finance, especially in those involving machine learning, including credit scoring, fraud detection and portfolio optimization. They have already developed original approaches to tackle these hard, open problems and overcome the weaknesses of purely classical methods. We’re excited to support them as they continue to make novel quantum solutions in and outside of finance more accessible and easy-to-integrate into experts’ existing workflows.

Applied quantum computing is such a new field that we know we haven't tried every possible use for our current and next generation of quantum computers. Whether it's finance, risk management, chemical engineering or something completely out of left field, if your organization has an idea that we might be able to help realize, drop us a line. We’d love to see what we can create together.