Get started with trapped ion quantum computing.

Whether you’re an individual, a lab, a quantum software and applications provider, or a large organization trying to understand how your business can benefit from quantum computation, there’s a way to harness IonQ’s world-class hardware, software, and applications expertise to meet your goals.

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Cloud Access

For most people and organizations, the best way to use our hardware is via direct IonQ Quantum Cloud access or one of our cloud partners.

Want to get started right now? You can sign up for a free IonQ Cloud account that includes:

  • Access to IonQ ideal state simulators, supporting up to 29 qubits
  • Access to IonQ Aria and IonQ Harmony noise model simulators
  • Exclusive access to IonQ content and events
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If you need help building your quantum strategy, custom or high-volume access, or other special considerations, you may be interested in a strategic partnership. become a partner →

For the forward-thinking enterprise

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Strategy development

Help your business become more quantum-ready by forecasting when and how quantum computing will impact your industry.

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NISQ support

Combat the noise inherent to today’s quantum computers by identifying opportunities to make your applications error resilient.

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Solutions development

Quantum solutions for problems that are time-consuming or expensive to solve on classical computers.

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Synthesis and optimization

Maximize algorithmic power and performance with highly-resource-efficient quantum programs.

For software and applications providers

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Easy integration

Our expressive, easy-to-use API and tooling-agnostic platform will have you up and running on real hardware in hours, not days.

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Simple, predictable pricing

Know exactly how much execution will cost before you run your (or your customers’) circuits.

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Optimized for trapped ions

Our proprietary suite of compilers ensure your jobs are optimally represented for execution on trapped ions.

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Custom considerations

We're always willing to hear what you have in mind. Just reach out.

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For inquiries not related to commercial or academic partnership with IonQ, please use our general contact form.

For questions about Azure Quantum, including technical support and requests for access, please contact Azure customer support directly.

For questions about Amazon Braket, including technical support and requests for access, please contact AWS customer support directly.