IonQ Harmony

Available Since 2020

With an #AQ of 9, IonQ Harmony is commercially available today across all major cloud services

Visualization: Harmony’s all-to-all connectivity graphIonQ QPUs are fully connected. The 11 points on the perimeter of the image represent Harmony’s 11 qubits. The lines represent the 55 potential entangling gates that can be run across those qubits.

Available on All Major Public Clouds

IonQ Harmony is ready for your tech stack. Choose your existing cloud partner to access IonQ Harmony. Available on Google Cloud Marketplace, Azure Quantum and Amazon Braket.

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Perfect for Experimentation

Validate your approach on IonQ Harmony, today. Harmony is an efficient quantum back end for shallower circuits and smaller scale, proof of concept work.

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Use Your Favorite Quantum SDK

No need to rewrite your code. Compatible with all of the most popular quantum SDKs, IonQ Harmony makes it easy to get up and running in no time.

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Why Trapped Ion Technology?

Harmony uses an early version of IonQ’s trapped ion architecture, developed between 2018⁠–⁠2020. At launch in 2020, Harmony represented a breakthrough in gate fidelity for IonQ. Beyond Harmony, IonQ’s full technical roadmap aims to deliver the full suite of trapped ion advantages below.

See how trapped ion technology works
  • Highest Gate Fidelity

    Highest Gate Fidelity

    Ion qubits have achieved the lowest gate error rate of any quantum technology. 

  • All To All Connectivity

    All-To-All Connectivity

    Any qubit in the system can be directly entangled with any other qubit. 

  • Fully Software Configurable

    Fully Software Configurable

    IonQ’s trapped ion architecture can be configured to meet various computational demands. 

  • Longest Coherence Times

    Longest Coherence Times

    Ion qubits have achieved the longest coherence times of any quantum technology. 

  • Clear Path To Error Correction

    Clear Path to Error Correction

    We believe trapped ions will require fewer total qubits for error correction compared to other quantum. 

Explore Harmony's Unique System Architecture

Harmony System

Learn more about Harmony’s quantum architecture by selecting system components from the list above or by clicking the plus signs on the image.

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Harmony Specifications

#AQ 9

With Configurable Error Mitigation

#AQ measures the usefulness of a quantum computer. With Harmony’s configurable error mitigation, #AQ 9 means you can successfully run quantum algorithms of ~100 entangling gates on up to 9 qubits.

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Harmony AQ chart

The above figure shows the measurement results for the various industry used benchmark algorithms on IonQ Harmony

  • 9

    #AQ With Configurable Error Mitigation Algorithmic Qubits (#AQ) is a summary metric that counts the number of algorithmically “useful” qubits in a quantum system. Harmony has an optional error mitigation setting that is available on request, which can increase #AQ.

    Available on Request
  • 5

    #AQ Count Algorithmic Qubits (#AQ) is a summary metric that counts the number of algorithmically “useful” qubits in a quantum system.

  • 11

    Qubit Count The number of physical qubits in the system. If everything else were perfect, qubit count would equal #AQ. It’s not, which is why we need other metrics!

  • 0.4%

    1-Qubit Gate Error The average error introduced during a single single-qubit gate. Harmony's 1Q gate error is about forty parts in ten thousand (0.4%).

  • 2.7%

    2-Qubit Gate Error The average error introduced during a single two-qubit gate. Harmony's 2Q gate error is about 270 parts in ten thousand (2.7%).

  • 0.18%

    SPAM Error The average error introduced during state preparation and measurement. Harmony's SPAM error is about eighteen parts in ten thousand (0.18%), and our new Barium system can do about four in ten thousand. More on SPAM and Barium

  • 10–100s, ~1s

    T1 & T2 Time Two factors of the amount of time a qubit “stays a qubit,” T1 measures how long you can tell what’s a one vs a zero, and T2 measures phase coherence.

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A Pioneering Quantum Computer

Learn About World Firsts on Harmony

Zapata Logo

Generating high resolution images

“In partnership with Zapata Computing, we've shown the ability to generate high-resolution images produced by a hybrid quantum-classical algorithm, achieving outstanding results with IonQ Harmony.”

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Duke Logo

Simulating the water molecule

“Water is among the most complex molecules ever simulated on a quantum computer, and the IonQ system achieved a precision far higher than published simulations by other devices.”

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Multiverse Logo

Solving analytical problems in the financial industry

“Multiverse powerful toolkit uses IonQ hardware to run a variety of quantum simulations and analysis tools, fair price calculations, portfolio creation and optimization, ETF replication, risk valuation that can soon give financial professionals a new analytical edge.”

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Image recognition using Quantum ML

“QC Ware's quantum algorithm running on IonQ's hardware performed at the same level as the corresponding classical algorithm. The accuracy of the algorithm is expected to hold as the problem size increases without requiring error-corrected qubits.”

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