Introducing IonQ Forte, The First Software-Configurable Quantum Computer

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IonQ Forte

Available Since 2022

Forte is the latest evolution towards a software-configurable quantum computer. Qubit and gate configuration, can be tailored to user needs, creating a truly dynamic and flexible system.

Visualization: Forte’s all-to-all connectivity graphIonQ QPUs are fully connected. The 32 points on the perimeter of the image represent Forte’s 32 qubits. The lines represent the 496 potential entangling gates that can be run across those qubits.

Push the Boundaries of Computing

With 32 qubits, Forte represents IonQ’s largest single core quantum processor. Early access researchers will be able to successfully run quantum programs that have never been executed on physical QPUs before.

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An Exclusive Research Community

A select team of researchers will gain access to IonQ Forte in early 2023. This group will be the first outside of IonQ to explore Forte's capabilities.

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Shape the Future of Computing

Forte’s technology represents a turning point in trapped ion architecture. Access to this foundational system will help drive development of future systems.

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Why Trapped Ion Technology?

By adding full software configurability, Forte represents a major advancement over previous trapped ion systems. Beyond Forte, IonQ’s technical roadmap aims to deliver the full suite of trapped ion advantages below.

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  • Highest Gate Fidelity

    Highest Gate Fidelity

    Ion qubits have achieved the lowest gate error rate of any quantum technology. 

  • All To All Connectivity

    All-To-All Connectivity

    Any qubit in the system can be directly entangled with any other qubit.