A Paradigm Shifting Quantum Computer

At #AQ 64, IonQ Tempo is expected to be capable of commercial advantage for certain applications. Tempo is designed to have faster gate speeds, mid-circuit measurement, and 99.9% fidelity, all helping to unlock larger and more complex problem classes and deliver a faster time-to-solution.

  • 64

    Target #AQ Algorithmic Qubits (#AQ) is a summary metric that counts the number of algorithmically “useful” qubits in a quantum system.

  • 68% Reduction

    Target System Footprint vs
    Previous Generation The total square feet needed, including all peripherals and auxiliary systems, to install the system.

  • 300 us

    Target Gate Speed How long it takes to perform a quantum gate. While raw gate speed could become a factor for time-to-solution in a fault-tolerant computer, the most important consideration for gate speed in NISQ systems is that it is fast enough for the computation to complete before the qubits lose coherence. That is, all of the gates in the algorithm need to be shorter than the qubit coherence time.

  • 95%

    Target System Uptime Percentage of time, based on wall clock hours, that the system is expected to be online and executing quantum workloads.

Commercial Advantage Readiness Starts Today

Tempo is designed to have more available, useful computational states than any computer in history. It is estimated that the first movers in the quantum space will capture up to 80% of the commercial value in the quantum marketplace. We believe Tempo’s performance and system capabilities will enable new, production-ready quantum applications.

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