IonQ Forte

Expected in 2024

Forte enterprise data center

Data Center Ready, Built For Hybrid Computing

The first generation of IonQ’s data center deployable quantum computers, IonQ Forte is the first step to integrating quantum computing into production hybrid compute environments. Built on standard racks, IonQ Forte Enterprise’s installation specs are designed to be met by the typical, modern data center.

Forte enterprise data center
Rendering of a Forte Enterprise data center

Our Highest Performing Quantum Computer

At #AQ 35, Forte Enterprise will be IonQ’s highest performing quantum computer, when available. Built to tackle larger problems than any other IonQ system, Forte Enterprise is intended to redefine the limits of today’s quantum computers.

  • 35

    Target #AQ Count Algorithmic Qubits (#AQ) is a summary metric that counts the number of algorithmically “useful” qubits in a quantum system.

  • 35

    Target Qubit Count The number of physical qubits in the system. If everything else were perfect, qubit count would equal #AQ. It’s not, which is why we need other metrics!

  • 0.02%

    Target 1-Qubit Gate Error This characterization of 1Q gate infidelity is the 1Q randomized benchmarking error rate, as measured by Clifford Randomized Benchmarking and described in this paper. Forte's 1Q gate error is about two parts in ten thousand (0.02%).

  • 10–100s, ~1s

    Target T1 & T2 Time Two factors of the amount of time a qubit “stays a qubit,” T1 measures how long you can tell what’s a one vs a zero, and T2 measures phase coherence.

  • 0.4%

    Target 2-Qubit Gate Error This characterization of Forte 2Q gates is the randomized benchmarking error rate, as measured by Direct Randomized Benchmarking. Forte's 2Q gate error is about forty parts in ten thousand (0.4%).

  • 0.5%

    Target SPAM Error The average error introduced during state preparation and measurement. Forte's SPAM error is about fifty parts in ten thousand (0.5%), and our new Barium system can do about four in ten thousand. More on SPAM and Barium

Get Production Ready

Forte Enterprise delivers on IonQ’s product roadmap target of system miniaturization, modularity and rack mounted form factor. Ushering in a new era in IonQ’s system architecture, IonQ Forte integrates into the data center enabling the development of production ready applications.

Forte enterprise data center

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Why Trapped Ion Technology?

  • Highest Gate Fidelity

    Highest Gate Fidelity

    Ion qubits have achieved the lowest gate error rate of any quantum technology.