IonQ To Become The First Publicly Traded Pure-Play Quantum Computing Company

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Our mission:To build the world’s best quantum computers to solve the world’s most complex problems

Quantum computers are a revolutionizing technology — they will transform business, society, and the planet for the better, and IonQ is at the forefront of this revolution.

After over 25 years of academic research, IonQ was founded in 2015 by Chris Monroe and Jungsang Kim with $2 million in seed funding from New Enterprise Associates, a license to core technology from the University of Maryland and Duke University, and the goal of taking trapped ion quantum computing out of the lab and into the market. In the following three years, we raised an additional $20 million from GV, Amazon Web Services, and NEA, and built two of the world’s most accurate quantum computers.

In 2019, we raised another $55 million in a round led by Samsung and Mubadala, and announced partnerships with Microsoft and Amazon Web Services to make our quantum computers available via the cloud. We’re now hard at work bringing our next generation of hardware to life and to partners around the world.

College Park, MD


headshot of Peter Chapman

Peter Chapman

President & CEO

headshot of Jungsang Kim

Jungsang Kim

Co-Founder & CTO

headshot of Thomas Kramer

Thomas Kramer

Chief Financial Officer

headshot of Chris Monroe

Chris Monroe

Co-Founder & Chief Scientist

Board of Directors

headshot of Craig Barratt

Craig Barratt

Independent Board Member

headshot of Ron Bernal

Ron Bernal

Venture Partner, NEA

headshot of Blake Byers

Blake Byers

General Partner, GV

headshot of Peter Chapman

Peter Chapman

President & CEO, IonQ

headshot of Jungsang Kim

Jungsang Kim

Co-Founder & CTO, IonQ


headshot of Kenneth Brown

Kenneth Brown

Associate Professor, Duke University

headshot of Jagdeep Singh

Jagdeep Singh

CEO at QuantumScape

headshot of Umesh Vazirani

Umesh Vazirani

Roger A. Strauch Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, University of California, Berkeley

headshot of Margaret (Peg) Williams

Margaret (Peg) Williams

former Senior Vice President of Research and Development, Cray Inc.

headshot of Dave Wineland

Dave Wineland

Philip H. Knight Distinguished Research Chair, University of Oregon


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