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Get started with Google Cloud and IonQ

In this guide: How to provision access to IonQ hardware using Google Cloud Marketplace.

Time: 5 minutes

Expected knowledge: Basic familiarity with Google Cloud is strongly encouraged

System requirements: Internet access and a Google Cloud account or later

Direct access to the IonQ Quantum Cloud, including IonQ’s cloud console and API is now available through the Google Cloud Marketplace. This guide will help you set up access using the marketplace.

Before you begin

If you don’t already have a Google Cloud account, you’ll need to create one at this link.

(Google Cloud also typically includes free credits to get started!)

Provision access to the IonQ Quantum Cloud

Once your Google Cloud account is created, you’ll be able to provision access to the IonQ Quantum Cloud.

  1. Open your Google Cloud console:
  2. From the navigation menu, select Marketplace
  3. screenshot of the google cloud marketplace menu
  4. In the marketplace, search for IonQ
  5. screenshot of the google cloud marketplace search box
  6. Select IonQ Quantum Cloud.
  7. screenshot of the IonQ Quantum Cloud page in google cloud marketplace
  8. Click Subscribe. Details of our plan will appear—signing up is free. Access to our high-performance 29-qubit simulators are also free, and quantum jobs are priced based on the number of gates and shots in the program.
  9. Agree to Google’s terms and the IonQ EULA. Google will tell us you’ve requested an account:
  10. screenshot of the 'requested' page that confirms you've signed up
  11. Click Go to product page
  12. Click Manage on provider. This will open our quantum cloud console.

You can also access the quantum cloud console directly at

Next steps

Now you’re ready to start using the IonQ Cloud API and console to write and execute quantum programs on our world-leading hardware. If you're ready to do that now, continue with our guide to running your first quantum program on the IonQ Quantum Cloud.