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IonQ Aria

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The world's best publicly-disclosed, commercially available quantum computer. Available on the IonQ Quantum Cloud and select public clouds.


Visualization: Aria’s all-to-all connectivity graph

Tackle Larger Problem Sizes

With a higher #AQ of 23, thanks to a higher qubit count and our best gate fidelities, IonQ Aria enables bigger, more complex problems to be explored.

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Get Results with Fewer Iterations

IonQ Aria’s higher #AQ of 23 means less noise in the quantum system. With less noise, even the most complex problems take fewer iterations, saving valuable time and money.

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Move Closer to Quantum Advantage

IonQ Aria’s industry leading performance helps organizations stay on the bleeding edge of quantum technology and build hybrid solutions improving business results.

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Why Trapped Ion Technology?

Harmony uses an early version of IonQ’s trapped ion architecture, developed between 2018⁠–⁠2020. At launch in 2020, Harmony represented a breakthough in gate fidelity for IonQ. Beyond Harmony, IonQ’s full technical roadmap aims to deliver the full suite of trapped ion advantages below.

See how trapped ion technology works
  • Highest Gate Fidelity

    Highest Gate Fidelity

    Ion qubits have achieved the lowest gate error rate of any quantum technology. Read More

  • All To All Connectivity

    All-To-All Connectivity

    Any qubit in the system can be directly entangled with any other qubit. Read More

  • Fully Software Configurable

    Fully Software Configurable

    IonQ’s trapped ion architecture can be configured to meet various computational demands. Read More

  • Longest Coherence Times

    Longest Coherence Times

    Ion qubits have achieved the longest coherence times of any quantum technology. Read More

  • Clear Path To Error Correction

    Clear Path to Error Correction

    We believe trapped ions will require fewer total qubits for error correction compared to other quantum. Read More

Explore Aria's Unique System Architecture

Aria System

Aria represents several innovations in both trapped ion technology and in quantum computing.

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Aria Specifications

Aria Is the World's Most Useful Quantum Computer

#AQ 23

With Configurable Error Mitigation

#AQ measures the usefulness of a quantum computer. With Aria’s configurable error mitigation, #AQ 23 means you can successfully run quantum algorithms of ~500 entangling gates on up to 23 qubits.

Learn more about Aria performanceLearn more about AQ

The above figure shows the measurement results for the various industry used benchmark algorithms on IonQ Aria

  • 23

    #AQ With Configurable Error Mitigation

  • 23

    Qubit Count

  • 0.06%

    1-Qubit Gate Error

  • 0.4%

    2-Qubit Gate Error

  • 0.39%

    SPAM Error

  • 10–100s, ~1s

    T1 & T2 Time

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IonQ and GE Research Demonstrated High Potential of Quantum Computing for Risk Aggregation

Key Results:

  • Trained financial risk model with 3 and 4 variables - based on historical stock indexes which exponentially increases problem size area that can be run on Aria

  • Created an innovative form of optimization called annealing training

  • In some cases our quantum predictions outperformed classical modeling approaches

“The early results we achieved in the financial use case with IonQ shows the high potential of quantum computing to better understand and reduce the risks associated with these types of highly variable scenarios.”

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IonQ and Hyundai Expand Partnership To Use Quantum Computing To Develop Mobilities of the Future

Key Objectives:

  • Apply quantum machine learning to image classification and 3D object detection

  • Apply IonQ’s machine learning data to Hyundai’s test environment

  • Simulate various real-world scenarios

“From partnering on battery research for electric vehicles to image classification and object detection research for automated driving, we expect to see quantum computers become an even more integral part in developing novel mobility solutions.”

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