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Algorithmic Qubit Estimator

This is a companion estimator to our technical roadmap announcement.

You can use this calculator to understand for yourself what the estimated Algorithmic Qubit count and Quantum Volume would be for a given quantum computer. The default values are for IonQ's latest system, but we encourage you to modify the parameters below to better understand how they impact the metric, or to compare our system to another one.

System Parameters

Quantum Compute Power

Algorithmic Qubits


Expected QVBecause of how Quantum Volume is defined, you need to run a QV circuit on real hardware to get a "true" QV. But, based on these inputs, you can calculate the expected outcome of that run. That's what we're doing here.


Methodology This calculator runs the numbers for both physical and error-corrected qubits, and displays the one that provides the higher score; this output shows you which method is the winner.


This calculator provides an estimate of quantum volume and algorithmic qubits based on assumptions similar to those laid out in the canonical Validating quantum computers using randomized model circuits by Cross et al. To assess the true quantum volume and algorithmic qubit count of a system, one must run randomized circuits on actual quantum hardware.