Senior Scientist - Quantum Control

Location: Seattle, Washington, United States

Team: System Architecture & Performance

Type: Full-Time

IonQ is developing the world's most powerful full-stack quantum computer based on trapped-ion technology. We are pushing past the limits of classical physics and current supercomputing technology to unlock a new era of computing. Quantum computing has the potential to impact every area of human society for the better. IonQ’s computers will soon redefine industries like medicine, materials science, finance, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cryptography, and more. IonQ is at the forefront of this technological revolution.


We are looking for a Senior Scientist  specializing in  Quantum Control. As a Senior Scientist on the System Performance and Architecture group, you’ll be part of a cross-functional team whose mission is to lead IonQ on its journey to build the world’s best quantum computers to solve the world’s most complex problems. 

In this role you will work to develop and improve the pulse design used to implement quantum gates within our trapped ion processors. You will help characterize the performance and limitations of our current control schemes, and help develop schemes to overcome these limitations. You will work with the engineering team to develop technical requirements to achieve improved gate speed and performance.



  • Improve the control schemes used to implement quantum logic operations
  • Develop novel control schemes to improve the speed, fidelity and robustness of quantum logic operations
  • Simulate and analyze control schemes to determine important factors impacting performance
  • Work with subsystem teams to design technical requirements to ensure control scheme performance
  • Explore scientific literature and contribute to the dissemination and development of learning resources
  • Work with external collaborators to advance academic research towards IonQ’s goals


You’d be a good fit with: 

  • PhD in Quantum Physics, Engineering or a related field
  • Experience in pulse-level optimization for quantum computing systems
  • Python programming      


You’d be a great fit with: 

  • 2+ years post-doctoral experience in a professional or academic setting
  • Experience in a large corporate or volunteer organization
  • Experience with AMO physics, trapped ion systems, quantum control theory, and/or many-body theory
  • Experience with linear and nonlinear optimization algorithms and methods
  • Experience with programming in modern C++ or Rust
  • Experience working with Mathematica or other computer algebra system

Our HQ is located in College Park, Maryland and we are a 15 minute metro ride from Washington DC. We have also recently announced our new manufacturing and production facility in the Seattle, Washington area. We are actively building out teams in the Washington D.C., Seattle, Boston and Toronto metro areas and will want to locate you in one of these geographies. However, IonQ will be expanding into additional geographies both domestically and internationally so don’t let this stop you from applying.
At IonQ, we believe in fair treatment, access, opportunity and advancement for all, while at the same time striving to identify and eliminate barriers. We empower employees to thrive by fostering a culture of autonomy, productivity, and respect. We are dedicated to creating an environment  in which any individual can feel welcomed, respected, supported and valued.
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If you are interested in being a part of this team and mission, we encourage you to apply.