College Park, MD — January 23, 2023

IonQ Announces Key Involvement at Seattle’s Northwest Quantum Nexus Summit 2023, Shares Vision for New Seattle-Area Campus

  • IonQ executives and leadership will lead sessions on building the future of quantum computers in the Pacific Northwest
  • IonQ will also host a hackathon to explore the limits of running programs on IonQ quantum hardware

Today, IonQ (NYSE: IONQ), a quantum computing industry leader, announced its participation at the two-day Northwest Quantum Nexus (NQN) Summit at the University of Washington’s Seattle campus from January 23-24, where the company will present to the Pacific Northwest’s top quantum computing professionals and educators and host a hackathon in partnership with Microsoft. The NQN Summit brings together speakers from industry, academia, and government to advance the science, workforce development, and economic impact of quantum computing.

At NQN, IonQ will discuss its recent innovations in quantum computing hardware and software, as well as how future investment in innovation will push the industry forward.

  • IonQ President and CEO Peter Chapman will speak on building the next generation of quantum computers in the Pacific Northwest, following the recent announcement of a new 65,000 square foot quantum computing manufacturing facility it will be opening in Bothell, Wash.

  • IonQ VP Financial Planning and Analysis and Head of Corporate Development, Jordan Shapiro, will moderate a panel on venture investing in quantum and scaling deep technology startups.

  • IonQ Technical Director of Quantum Partnerships and Alliances, Nicole Barberis, will participate in a presentation introducing new NQN members including Washington State University, IonQ, University of Oregon, Amazon, and Boeing.

  • IonQ’s Josh Goings, Dominic Widdows, Jon Donovan, and Luning Zhao will lead a hackathon, alongside Microsoft, that will explore the limits of running programs on IonQ’s quantum hardware and challenge participants to solve problems via a quantum algorithm.

“As the first pure-play quantum computing company participating in the Northwest Quantum Nexus, IonQ brings industry-leading performance to all three major cloud quantum platforms including Microsoft Azure Quantum, Amazon Braket, and Google Quantum,” said Peter Chapman, President and CEO of IonQ. “We strongly believe in the Pacific Northwest region as the next international hub for quantum, and are excited to share the news about IonQ’s new manufacturing facility in Bothell, WA. This new facility will give us the opportunity to collaborate with the Pacific Northwest’s incredible wealth of talent as we build future quantum solutions.”

Earlier this month, IonQ acquired Entangled Networks, a Toronto-based company focused on enabling computation across multiple distributed quantum processors. Today’s news is the latest in a series of developments of IonQ’s presence in the Pacific Northwest, where in February 2022, IonQ and the U.S. Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) announced that their public-private partnership had yielded a sustainable and robust supply of barium qubits for IonQ’s next generation of barium-based quantum computers. Last December, IonQ’s scientific leadership team presented results from its advanced battery chemistry model project with Hyundai Motor Company at the Q2B conference. Other recent corporate and federal contracts announced include companies like AirbusGEDow ChemistryHyundai Motors, the United States Air Force Research Laboratory and the University of Maryland.


IonQ Media Contact:

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